Hario V60 Brew Guide

Simple and easy to use, the Hario V60 is as beautiful as it is effective. The V60’s conical shape allows for a deep, layered coffee bed, and its spiral ridges and open bottom allow for an even, quick draw down. For beginners and connoisseurs alike, we love using the V60 as our go-to pour-over option.

Use this Brew Guide to help guide you through the extraction process.


What you’ll need

V60 Coffee Maker
V60 Paper Filter
Brewing Vessel
Scale (+ Timer)
Hot Water (set for 208 degrees F)
Fresh Coffee

Brew Ratio

24g coffee: 375g water (≈1:15.5)


V60 Recipe

Recipe by Linea Caffe’s Alex Leitzel

Prep-Work: Set kettle to heat to 208° F. Start with a clean V60 Coffee Maker and place a V60 filter into the brewer and pre-rinse filter with hot water. This will help to rinse away any paper taste and will heat up the ceramic brewer and vessel (whatever you’re brewing into). Be sure to dump the rinse water out of the brewing vessel before brewing!

Step One

Place your V60 and vessel on a scale and zero out the scale. Add 24g of coffee to the bottom of the filter cone re-zero the scale.

Step Two

Bloom. Start a timer. Pour up to (but not more than) 75g of hot water in a circular motion, making sure to cover all grounds as evenly as possible. Let “bloom” for 30-45 seconds.

Step Three

Pour 160g – 165g of water in small, concentric circles beginning in the middle and working outward—think penny, nickel, quarter, half dollar and then back in. Scale should read close to 240g within the first 1:00 – 1:15 of brewing.

Step Four

At or around 2:00, pour remaining brew water up to 375g. Again using small, concentric circles.

Step Five

Finish off with a careful, gentle stir of the V60 (think hoolahoop). Brew should finish drawing down between 2:30 and 3:30 minutes. 




Perfect for Pourover

Introducing New Bloom. Floral and citrus notes are balanced by a tea-like sweetness and delicate body. The floral notes are contributed by a new arrival  from virtuoso Colombian coffee farmer, Edinson Oidor hailing from the Cauca district. The citrus flavors are expressed by one of our favorite lots from Ethiopia’s legendary farm, Suke Quto. Roasted lighter to highlight these notes, New Bloom is the perfect blend to celebrate the warmer weather with a pour over or an iced coffee

Brew at Home

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