Comfort Coffee

At Linea, we talk about the goal of creating Comfort Coffee for our customers. While the phrase “Comfort Coffee” sounds great (partly because of alliteration!), we wanted to share all the details about how we actually try to create this:

Coffee Sourced from Old Friends—We source many of our staple coffees directly from farmers that we have been buying from for decades. Outside of these coffees we depend on importers we’ve known for years to share new and exciting coffees that keep our menu full of fresh and interesting coffee experiences.

Roasted to be Shared—Coffee is best, when it is shared. Our goal with every coffee is to find a middle ground that maximizes sweetness while keeping the coffee approachable to the widest range of tastes. We try to stay away from roast trends and focus on keeping our customers drinking coffee they know and love so they are eager to share it with others.

Easy to Brew For All — One of the goals with our roasting is to create coffees that allow for a wide variety of brewing methods. Our coffee should taste delicious even if you are not measuring every brew parameter perfectly.

Learning to Love your Coffee – The more you know, the more enjoyment you’ll find. We aim to share the stories behind our coffee and tips for brewing it at home. Over time we hope drinking our coffee, you’ll learn to love your morning ritual more each day.


Photos by Daniel Dent