New Bloom Blend

A pourover blend inspired by the feeling and flavors of spring. Floral and citrus notes are balanced by a tea-like sweetness and delicate body. The floral notes are contributed by a new arrival  from virtuoso Colombian coffee farmer, Edinson Oidor hailing from the Cauca district. The citrus flavors are expressed by one of our favorite lots from Ethiopia’s legendary farm, Suke Quto. Roasted lighter to highlight these notes, New Bloom is the perfect blend to celebrate the warmer weather with a pour over or an iced coffee

Flavor Notes

Floral, honey, apricot, melon, caramel. Sparkling sweet lime acidity.

Coffee Facts


Ethiopia & Colombia


Ethiopia - Tesfaye Bekele, Colombia - Edinson Oidor


Ethiopia - Suke Quto - Honey , Colombia - Washed. Coffee cherries were hand picked and sorted at the peak of maturation.


Ethiopia Suke Quto + Colombia Edinson Oidor: 1800 - 2000 meters


Ethiopia Suke Quto - Ethiopica. Colombia Edinson Oidor- Caturra + Typica


Ethiopia Suke Quto - Organic