Cozy Striped Sweater Blend



Created to be the ultimate comfort coffee for the long winter months ahead. Cozy Striped Sweater Blend consists of two incredible lots from Peru. The first is a Cajamarca from the Cenfrocafe Cooperative. This is a long time Linea favorite and contributes caramel sweetness and a dash of citrus to the blend. The second coffee is Santuario, sourced from our friends at Red Fox. Santuario adds a syrupy body, plus taffy apple and piney holiday spices to the blend. The final result is a coffee that you’ll want to drink while wrapped in a blanket by the fire.
Flavor Notes

Caramel, satsuma mandarin, taffy apple, holiday spices and dark chocolate.

Coffee Facts




Cenfrocafe Coop (200 small farms) and Jose Joel Perez Diaz


1400 - 1800 meters (Cenfrocafe) and 2000 meters (Santuario)


Wet Process


Typica and Caturra